Currently, we are ONLY accepting orders from Canada and the U.S. (not international). The only method of payment accepted is through Paypal (an online consumer payment provider).

Paypal uses a secure encrypted website to process transactions. Your credit card number is not revealed to anyone, not even, we, the merchant know it. Just use the shopping cart. The shopping cart will record your order and let you pay through Paypal. Paypal accepts credit cards, as long as your billing address matches your delivery address.

Canadian Orders

U.S. Orders

The price for each mo-ma is: $25
(Shipping/Handling/Taxes included)
The price for each mo-ma is: $25 USD

Click on a flag to choose your currency (based on residence)
Click on the desired style. A shopping cart will appear to display your order. To remove an item or change the quantity of an order just click on the desired change and click update. To continue ordering, close the paypal window first. This will automatically return you to the styles ordering chart. Once your order is complete, click checkout which will take you through the paypal payment procedure.

Shipping Policy: All orders will be filled and shipped within 3 days. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Return and Exchange Policy: We stand behind our product. If any mo-ma you receive is damaged or defective phone us within 2 weeks, we will gladly replace it.

For more information contact us at: 416-544-3518 (phone)
or email: